Hello there.

Welcome to Neo Digi, my personnal website.
Let's take a tour in my little universe.

What I do

I design and develop Desktop and Mobile programs.
From an idea you have had for a while to the concrete end result, let me handle that magical path.


Who I am

My name is julien Tielemans, I'm a software developer born in Belgium in 1991.
I grew up in a peaceful small town, away from anything.
Which is maybe why I got sucked up in computer at a very young age, and I never gave it up.
I've always enjoyed knowing how things work and how are they done.


From The Blog

The dreaded first post

2 Sep 2014

Aaaaah, the infamous first post, every blogger had to do it, and i'm almost sure every blogger spent a significant amount of time thinking about it. But here I go!

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